Tal Rumman

From the fresh flavors of Jordan and the Middle East, Tal  Rumman offers you a unique experience where exceptional cuisine meets unmatched views. Located at only 21km away from Jordan’s capital, Amman, Tal Rumman offers magnificent panoramic views across the breathtaking mountains of Al-Salt and Ajloun ensuring experiences that are unforgettable in style and undeniable in their energy.

Set on a picturesque view of nature, Tal Rumman’s welcomes 250,000 visitors annually that seek a definitive dining destination like no other. And with a seating area that welcomes up to 1,400 visitors, with 800 outdoor seats and 600 indoors, Tal Rumman is at no short to providing undivided attention to your requests and requirements.

Our experience spans over 15 years, spent perfecting our craft in the service industry and positioning Tal Rumman as a must visit destination for families, tourists and anyone looking for a unique addition to their special moments. By building on our success, at Tal Al-Rumman we’ve managed to build a household brand name that represents the best in Jordan and what the country long tradition of giving and kindness has to offer taking our journey of self reinvention forward making sure we remain true to a long history of tradition and service.

The future is limitless in possibility and at Tal Rumman we’re limitless in our ambition. Our future plans include much more expansions and higher levels of service including: private chalets and villas, complete with private swimming pools and facilities.

Tal  Rumman’s strive to perfection continues with one target in mind, always offering you the best .




Tal Rumman’s diverse cuisine will leave you utterly spoilt for choice. Ranging from traditional Arabic and Middle Eastern food to International dishes and barbeque and finally, a dizzying array of desserts. Tal Rumman’s open area kitchen spread can offer you the very best of all and will cater to your every need while maintaining the highest standards of cleanness and order.

Our attention to detail shows in every aspect of our service, from our unique table settings to food serving. Tal Al-Rumman’s whole image was crafted specifically to a vision of perfection that anyone will notice immediately. Our specially designed serving platters and plates, hand carved from the finest woods will immediately set the mood for a mouthwatering food experience while you dine to majestic mountain views and finest scenes nature has to offer Whether it be from our open area kitchen or one of our many live cooking stations.




At Tal Rumman, you're never short of things need. With our location spreading over 33000 m2, you will always feel the need to repeat the experience. Family and friends will all find an adventure to take on and new memories to be save.

If it’s views and nature you’re looking for, then Tal Rumman’s 800 outdoor seating spaces are what you need. Dinning while surrounded by the mountains will be a picture perfect setting for you. Or maybe you can try one of our other outdoor settings in the heart of Tal Rumman restaurant and surrounded by our famous decorations.If it’s a more suited seating position which you seek, then our 600 indoor seating spaces is just the place for you. Designed to reflect the spirit of Tal Rumman, you’ll feel right in the arms of Jordan’s breath taking nature without setting a step outside.

As you can enjoy a swim at one of our private pools with a safe, unique family atmosphere supervised by the best pool side professionals all while enjoying the highest standards of privacy.

In addition the kids will have a really fun at our special kids playground areas that were designed keeping in mind the highest levels of safety and security for the little ones. And you can always drop by one of our many souvenir shops to pick up a gift or more for a special someone or just to keep a piece of your visit to Tal Rumman close by.


Special Events & Services

If you’re looking for perfection and a specially designed spot for an event, then Tal Rumman is where you need to be. It is the perfect place to throw a wedding party, set up business meetings, corporate events, throw bridal showers, birthday parties or celebrate anniversaries, enjoy nightly live shows with family and friends.

Let us help you create a memorable event for your guests by offering bespoke menus and a unique atmosphere;  all while we being delighted to assist you in every way.




The trained and more than capable staff at Tal Rumman are always happy to serve and make sure your every request is met, setting us at the highest levels of customer service and hospitality. A family day out, a corporate event, a touristic visit or even a more intimate special occasion, our staff will always go the extra mile to make you feel special and atabsolute comfort.

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